Start Designing Like a Fighter Pilot!

Join us for our "Productivity Webinar (Recorded) – Start Designing Like a Fighter Pilot!" showcasing new design tools that enable designers to think in 3D and create models with the virtual heads-up approach of jet fighters.

Which CAD solution can really deliver the productivity and flexibility you need? This is a “must-see” webinar for designers and engineers, looking to create 3D models quickly and easily.

  • Increases flexibility in editing models imported from different CAD systems
  • Improves productivity when creating paths, cable/wire runs or tubing and piping
  • Eliminates design problems by enabling easy-to-use direct-edit modeling
  • Improves ease-of-use manipulating objects in 3D space without the need for datum planes

Be prepared to push the boundaries and to challenge your preconceptions about CAD!

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